A Typical Clue Party

For our third assignment in Flash, we had to create an interactive video.  This meant we had to shoot a movie and build it into a flash project.  We decided to make a murder mystery movie where you had to navigate through the story.  After the characters (excellently acted) discover their friend had been murdered, they had to decide what to do.  The user also was able to act as detective and investigate the crime and choose to interrogate each suspect.  Finally, the user had to accuse one of the suspects.  The code involved used the cuepoint function in flash.  This enables you to setup specific points during a video in flash and jump to specific time points in the counter.  We broke the movie into several clips to make it easier to jump between decisions.  The project turned out well and surprisingly long.  We did have a couple of shortcomings; however, they were mainly related to storyline and less about flash.  If we would have had more time, we would’ve been able to flesh the story out and have a few more decisions available to the user.  I do think the video composition was some of our better work as the audio and lighting elements turned out excellent.


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