Alarm clock app

My latest experience in Flash was to create a prototype alarm clock application for the iPhone.  The application needed to include a feature for a radio, an alarm clock, and a calendar.  I used flash to make the application somewhat functional.  The unique thing about this Flash project was that it was primarily a design assignment, but I designed it entirely in Flash.  We had the option to design it in Photoshop or Illustrator, but I wanted to take advantage of the design elements in Flash.  During this process, I found Flash to have a great deal of design potential.  Depending on the task, some things are significantly easier to design in Flash, but that comes with its own set of limitations.  I was happy with the overall design of the application, based on UNC athletics.  From a functionality standpoint, I only had the time to make the four icons in the navigation active.  They simply navigated to each corresponding page.  In due time, I would like to add more interactivity and design it in better detail.  When it comes to designing in Flash, it definitely has potential to handle most simple elements; however, complex design projects are best suited for Photoshop or Illustrator.


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