Design of Information

For our visual aesthetic class, we were tasked with designing a functional infographic concerning war.  Because it was for a design class, design was emphasized; however, we did a significant amount of actionscript.  We decided to focus on the different ships in the US Navy.  Our layout was two rows of four buttons shaped like portholes.  The top row was to select your ship and the bottom row was to select a feature of the ship i.e. speed, armament, size, etc.  This meant that there were dozens of combinations of buttons pressed.  The idea was to be able to compare one or all of the ships at the same time depending on the selected feature.  We had issues with the parent/child relationship.   We could’ve tried to manipulate the movie clips using the .visible feature, but even then we most likely would’ve run into difficulties with the if/else statement.  Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t figure out the code necessary to deal with the combinations.  Since it was for a design class, this didn’t affect our grade, but I would like to reexamine after the semester to try to solve the issue.


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