Death of Flash?

It seems like for the last ten years every time you read an article with the words apple and adobe, it comes back to the idea of the death of Flash.  It is obvious that the web has been clamoring for an open-source platform (HTML5?) with the capabilities provided by Flash for years, but it won’t come as a clean break.  Even in the age of modern technology, a platform like Flash isn’t something that can be flipped off with a switch.  In my opinion Flash will be around for a long time thanks to how deeply entrenched it is into the web.  With the recent news of Adobe cancelling plans for mobile Flash, it appears it will be a bumpy road.  Evolve or become the next AOL.  In all reality, I think Flash needs to focus on what it does well and improve on that.  If they can accept their role as a way to enhance the web experience, they can continue to have an integral role in the interactivity of the web.  If not?  Well, let’s just not talk about that.


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