The Beginning of the End

This is the first entry of a week-by-week recap of the production of my capstone project.  My capstone is the culmination of the previous years’ work.  I will be charting my progress and offering my resources I’ll be using throughout its development. At this point, I haven’t quite decided on an idea, but I have a few in mind. My ideas range from a library aid phone app to an interactive story for the ipad. The one constant I keep falling back on is developing an app, so that’s where I’ll start. Originally, I had an independent study of Objective C; however, to make better use of my time, I switched it to Javascript and PHP. With different platforms like Nimblekit and Phonegap, the creation of native apps is possible using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  This will help me hone my web development skills while also developing an iOS application.  The final proposal is due in a week, so I’ll need to finalize my concept soon.  The journey begins…



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